Isaac Cronin Public Relations



New York Times Sunday
Syle Magazine, May 1, 2005

Case History-La Tourangelle

Public Relations Aids La Tourangelle’s Successful Launch in Kroger Stores

La Tourangelle’s line of artisan cooking oils was introduced into more than 1000 Kroger stores, many of them in suburban neighborhoods in the Midwest and Great Lakes states. 

To insure sell-through in the new stores, many of which had not previously sold specialty, artisan oils, La Tourangelle and Isaac Cronin Public Relations created a focused media campaign that offered general information about specialty oils, brand specific marketing materials and product samples to local and regional food journalists in every metropolitan area on the distribution list.  Extensive coverage, usually referring to Kroger Stores, resulted.

Kroger grocery buyers and executives publicly acknowledged the role of press coverage in aiding sales, which were beyond their initial expectations.   Kroger has subsequently added additional La Tourangelle products in all of its stores.